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Experienced Child Custody And Visitation Lawyers

One of the toughest areas in any divorce involves the children, especially in areas of custody and visitation. While a couple can divorce so they are no longer husband and wife, they will always remain mom and dad.

Our philosophy at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, is to attempt to do what is in the best interest of the children. We will not institute a contested custody case where the facts and circumstances are not warranted.

Research indicates that children need two parents, and we believe that it is important to stress this to our clients and to work towards solutions that will allow both parents to remain a part of their children’s lives, irrespective as to which parent ultimately is the custodian or residential parent. That being said, children are not community property to be divided evenly. It is a rare situation indeed, when a split 50-50 custodial arrangement is in a child’s best interests.

Attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, will work with their clients to achieve a fair result so that each parent after a divorce remain involved in their children’s lives and development.

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