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Our Chicago Lawyers Defend Mothers’ Rights

In recent years, both societal belief and legislation have made great strides to eliminate gender bias in divorce proceedings. Depending on the unique factors of the marriage, neither the mother nor the father will receive preferential consideration when the divorce judgment is passed down.

At Yavitz & Levey, LLP, our Illinois lawyers are dedicated to seeking a judgment that is truly in the best interest of the children. Based on recent trends, however, it is important to remember that both parties have rights. Many firms have produced aggressive advertising positioning themselves as “fathers’ rights” firms. We believe that mothers also deserve dedicated representation from start to finish.

Help With Paternity, Custody And More In Cook County

Whether you are struggling through a divorce proceeding or pursuing child support through a paternity action, our firm can help. Our attorneys have more than six decades of combined experience guiding clients through the full range of family law matters. No matter how complex your situation, we can provide the legal advice and guidance necessary to reach a successful conclusion to your case.

Historically, gender bias has played a large part in divorce judgments. In many cases, the mother was given preferential consideration when determining support or parenting plans. In recent years, the pendulum has begun to swing closer to the middle — representing gender neutrality. It is our goal to provide the same zealous representation to our clients, whether mothers or fathers.

Our experienced Chicago family law attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact our office online, or call 312-924-4400 to schedule an appointment. Parking is available within walking distance of public transportation including Metra, CTA, the L train and bus routes.

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