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Skilled Divorce Representation In Chicago

Even if divorce is the best possible solution for your future, you might still be facing an emotionally turbulent time in your life. In these situations, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced Illinois family law attorney.

The skilled Chicago divorce attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, provide legal advice and representation to clients in the full range of family law matters. Whether you have just decided to complete a premarital agreement or are contemplating divorce, we encourage you to contact an experienced lawyer to answer your questions and provide honest answers. We have particular experience with high-asset divorce and related property division and support matters.

Help With Legal Separation, Annulment And More In Cook County

The attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, have decades of combined experience guiding clients through family law dilemmas. A significant portion of our practice is devoted to the following:

Whether you are pursuing a legal separation for religious reasons, medical reasons or any other reason, it is important to get your attorney involved as soon as possible. We can draft a comprehensive separation agreement that will help you avoid additional disputes in the future.

Additionally, if you have questions regarding our fees and costs, we encourage you to contact our office at your earliest convenience. We understand that it can seem intimidating to contact an attorney for the first time. It is our goal to minimize your stress and remove as much of your burden as possible.

Serving Clients Throughout Illinois

Our experienced Chicago family law attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact our office online, or call 312-924-4400 to schedule an appointment. Parking is available within walking distance of public transportation including Metra, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the L train and bus routes.

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Our knowledge and experience helps us provide effective service to all our clients as well as to serve as valuable sources of information for our colleagues throughout the state.

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