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Guidance Through The Divorce Process

At a time when a couple is going through an irretrievable breakdown of their marriage, what they do not need is attorneys that lack understanding and compassion.

The attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, have combined over 50 years of experience and insight in resolving divorce issues with compassion, firmness and resolve. The firm handles middle to upper level income divorces with an emphasis on achieving exemplary results considering each individual’s facts and circumstances.

Contested grounds for divorce in Illinois is rare, the issues facing a spouse in a dissolution of marriage proceedings today, centers around custody, visitation, child support, division of marital property and maintenance. We believe in firm negotiations from positions of strength in representing our client’s interests. The fact that most of our referrals come from former clients, other attorneys and even from ex-spouses of former clients attests to our reputation for fairness, honesty and results.

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Our knowledge and experience helps us provide effective service to all our clients as well as to serve as valuable sources of information for our colleagues throughout the state.

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