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Published Works

At Yavitz & Levey, LLP, we are experienced family law attorneys representing clients throughout the greater Chicago area. Our knowledge and experience helps us provide effective service to all our clients as well as to serve as valuable sources of information for our colleagues throughout the state.

West, Inc. Hires Yavitz & Levey, LLP, As Its Illinois Family Law Expert

West, Inc., a division of Thomson Reuters, in October 2012, was looking for an Illinois family law expert to help them develop a new product that consisted of about 200 automated legal forms that were specific to Illinois family law and that would be assembled by answering a series of questions to guide the user through the forms. Information would only be entered once and then reused throughout the rest of the forms in a case. West chose Mr. Yavitz as its Illinois family law expert and over the next three months he worked closely with the Westlaw attorneys in developing the forms to be used. These Illinois family law forms are now available through Westlaw.

LexisNexis Commissions Yavitz & Levey, LLP, To Write A Chapter

Matthew Bender & Company, Inc, a member of LexisNexis, commissioned Illinois family law attorney David B. Yavitz to write the chapter on premarital and postnuptial agreements for its publication LexisNexis Practice Guide: Illinois Family Law §10 (2015 Edition). The publication, which is primarily geared towards attorneys practicing family law in Illinois, combined how-to-practice guidance with checklists, forms and statutory and case law references and citations. Chapter 10, titled premarital and postnuptial agreements, consists of 90 pages of scholarly writing explaining Illinois law relative to prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements including applicable laws and statutes, case law interpretations, how to draft these agreements, and the enforcement or invalidation of these agreements.

Mr. Yavitz who has practiced family law for over 45 years and has participated in drafting hundreds of these types of agreements, adds his own unique experience and expertise in writing this chapter. In this regard the author believes that good drafting of a Premarital Agreement greatly contributes to the validity of the document, even if that agreement winds up being tested in a court of law many years later. Having participated in many contested trials concerning the enforceability of a Premarital Agreement, the author has obtained an insight into where these agreements are vulnerable to attack and then applies that knowledge in drafting an agreement that will withstand judicial challenge. In addition to authoring this chapter for LexisNexis, Mr. Yavitz has also taught this subject to lawyers seminars sponsored by the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

Yavitz Creates Forms For The Illinois State Bar Association

David B. Yavitz is now an author of family law forms for the Illinois State Bar Association IllinoisBarDocs. This service is a subscription based web automated document assembly system using HotDocs. Mr. Yavitz has been providing forms for family law attorneys that are being incorporated in the ISBA IllinoisBarDocs program reflecting recent changes in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. Mr. Yavitz’s participation with IllinoisBarDocs is a natural progression from his work with West, Inc., in producing Illinois family law forms for Westlaw.

Current Trends And Strategies In Illinois Family Law

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Published Works

Our knowledge and experience helps us provide effective service to all our clients as well as to serve as valuable sources of information for our colleagues throughout the state.

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