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Serving Same-Sex Couples In Chicago And Beyond

Same-sex marriage is legal in Illinois, thanks to the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act as well as federal law. However, that doesn’t mean your legal challenges are over. The fact is that a large percentage of same-sex marriages end in divorce, and you need to understand the potential legal consequences.

The Chicago attorneys at Yavitz & Levey, LLP, have more than 60 combined years of experience in a wide array of family law matters. We are proud that Illinois recognizes both same-sex marriages and civil unions (for couples who do not wish to follow the traditional marriage route). At the same time, we understand that many couples have questions about their rights and responsibilities — particularly when such relationships come to an end.

Let us provide the keen legal insight and diligent advocacy you need to ensure that your interests are protected. Call us at 312-924-4400 today.

Help With A Wide Array Of Family Law Issues In Cook County

Cases involving same-sex couples often cross a wide range of topics. The lawyers at our firm have the experience necessary to provide effective representation through mediation or trial litigation if it becomes necessary. We can assist with:

Like all other couples, same-sex couples must protect themselves during dissolution. Whether this entails property division, debt division or child custody, our firm is equipped to provide the guidance and representation necessary to reach a beneficial resolution. Contact us today or learn more through our FAQ page.

Converting Civil Unions To Same-Sex Marriages

Marriage comes with a broad spectrum of responsibilities, benefits and protections under state and federal law. Such rights range from the power to make health care decisions on behalf of a spouse to parental rights, if you have adopted children. Not all the benefits available to married couples are available to those in civil unions; so many couples choose to “upgrade” their relational status to that of marriage.

If you are already in a civil union, you can choose to convert your union to a marriage by following the appropriate steps. Essentially, you must meet the same requirements as any other couple applying for a marriage license; however, you will not need to pay a fee for the license.

Serving Clients Throughout Greater Chicago

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